Self Inking Stamps

Self Inking Stamps Made to Order


4910/52002 to 3 lines (24x8mm)23.65£14.80
4911/MX14 to 5 lines (35x13mm)26.9516.60
4912/MX25 to 6 lines (45x17mm)32.8020.40
4913/MX36 to 7 lines (55x22mm)40.8522.80
4915/MX 3.57 to 8 lines (65x28mm)50.6532.20
4916/MX1.51 to 2 lines (65x10mm)30.6019.80
4921/MX52051 to 4 lines (12x12mm)21.4014.20
4922/MX52104 to 5 lines (20x20mm)24.8016.20
4923/MX52806 to 7 lines (30x30mm)32.3020.80
MX52906 to 7 lines (35x35mm)36.5023.50
MX 2.54 to 5 lines (75x15mm)43.7528.20
MX 4.57 to 8 lines (80x25mm)55.8036.30
4924/MX52307 to 8 lines (40x40mm)40.9526.90
4926/MX48 to 12 lines (74x37mm)58.9537.90
4927/MX58 to 10 lines (55x38mm)55.8036.30
Printy 4930Round 30mm diameter32.3020.80
Printy 4940Round 40mm diameter40.9526.90
Printy 4700Dater 3mm or(4710-4mm)14.9012.90
Printy 472440mm Square Die Dater46.5529.50
Printy 472760x40mm Die Dater59.2539.20
Printy 475041 x 25mm die sq. Dater43.3029.30
Printy 4820Dater (4mm)14.9011.90
Printy 4836Numberer (3mm)13.9011.60
Printy 4846Numberer (4mm)15.8012.90
Printy 4850Dater (3mm) 25x5mm24.5019.90
Colop 60 DaterDater on side (76x37mm)59.8046.80
Colop R5050mm round57.8038.70
Colop  PS2014x38mm Pocket Stamp23.8015.50
Colop  PS3018x47mm Pocket Stamp29.5018.50